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These days most of us are up to speed with terms such as email, viruses, blogs and spam but the ever evolving world of the internet only inspires the internet geeks to cleverly play with words and phrases to astound, amaze and impress us. So this glossary is by no means all inclusive but a starting point to the web gurus' metaphors, similes, onomatopoeias, idioms and so on.
301 Error - Moved Permanently- The file has been moved permanently to a new location

404 error - Not Found - The server was unable to locate the URL

Google's Cost Per Click (CPC) advertising system.

Software that lets you automatically download content to your computer

ALT Text
The text that appears when you hover your mouse on top of an image or picture

Back Link
A text link to your website from another website

A 'web log' that is frequently updated and is usually the opinion of one person. Often visitors are invited to make comments to one's blog

Software application usd to browse the internet - Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer are just two browsers

A copy of web pages stored within a search engine's database

Completely Automated Public Turing Apart test to tell Computers and Humans Apart, particularly useful for content or contact forms to inhibit web robots from posting or sending spam

Click Through
The process of a click from an online advertisement to the advertisers destination url

Information stored on a user's computer by a website. These days all websites should have a Cookie Agreement with visitors which notifies them that information will be stored on their computer

Cascading Style Sheets define the look and navigation of a website

Dead Link
A hyperlink pointing to a non-existent url

Domain Name Server or Domain Name System A protocol that lets computers recognize each other through an IP Address, whereas the human sees a website URL

Ideograms and smileys used in electronic messages and web pages 

External Link
A link from your website to another site

Frequently Asked Questions answer a number of questions which are expected to be asked by a number of users

File Transfer Protocol allow file transfers from a local machine to a remote host

Currently, the world's number 1 search engine

Google Adwords
Google's Pay Per Click advertising program

Heading Tag
A tag that defines headlines in the text of a tag. These can be given prioritises to inidcate importance to spiders

A single access request made to the server. A single web page can make numerous requests resulting in many hits for one page display

HyperText Markup Language is the basis for all web coding

HyperText Transfer Protocol is a generic, stateless protocol which can be used for many tasks

HyperText Transfer Protocol is a generic, stateless protocol which can be used for many tasks and has security features available to protect sensitive data

Instant Messaging is the protocol that allows quick communication over the internet

Internal Link
A link that points to another page within the same site

An interconnected system of computers and systems around the world via the TCP/IP protocol

Internet Protocol allows machines to communicate with each other via the internet

IP Address
IP Address allows data to find its way to and from your computer via the internet

A scripting language that provides browser functionality

The word or words a user might enter into a search engine to find information on their query

Landing Page
usually used in conjunction with PPC Campaign, they are call-to-action pages that prompt the user to engage the site

The process of getting users to link to your website

Link Farm
A site that features links in no particular order which are totally unrelated to each other. Link farms are frowned upon by good SEO companies

Link Partner
A website who is willing to put a link to your site from their website. Quite often link partners engage in reciprocal linking.

Link Popularity
How many websites link to your site

Meta Keywords Tag
Holds the keywords that are found on a web page

Meta Description Tag
Holds the description of the content on a web page

Meta Tags
Header tags that hold information about the content of a site

Natural Listing
A list of websites resulting from a search in a search engine, appearing below sponsored or paid ads. AKA Organic Listing

A specialised segment of a market that is usually geared towards one specific purpose

An attribute added to a link to instruct search engines not to follow the link and share page rank

Organic Listing
A list of websites resulting from a search in a search engine, appearing below sponsored or paid ads. AKA Natural Listing

Outbound Link
A link from your site to another website

Page Rank
Google's unique calculation to determine the value of a page on a website. The higher the PR the higher the page will appear in a Google Search

Pay Per Click is a technique where the position of a paid advert appears depending on how much is someone is willing to pay for a key word or phrase


An enquiry into a search engine in order to get a list of results

The actual position of a website on a search engine results page fro a certain key word or phrase

When two website link to each other for mutual benefit

Server script to force a link to go to another page automatically (redirects can be hidden from a user or set on a timer)

Often used to refer to a search engine spider

Search Query
The text entered into a search box to find relevant content on a website, web page or in a search engine

Search engine optimisation is the process of perfecting code on a website to have optimum relevance to a search engine spider or robot.

Unwanted email or irrelevant content delivered to your inbox

Strategic Linking
A carefully thought out process of getting websites to link to your site

The number of visitors to a website calculated over a period of time. Usually reported monthly

Uniform Resource Language, also known as a domain name is how humans navigate around the internet, whereas computers use IP Addresses

Unique Visitor
When a user visits a website, their IP address is logged so if they visit again later in the day the visit wont be counted as a unique visit but as a page impression

Video blog

Voice Over Internet Protocol converts the voice signal from your telephone into a digital signal that travels over the internet and then converts it back so you can speak over a normal telephone

What I'm Looking For

Extensible Markup Language is a scripting language that allows the programmer to define the properties of the document

The second largest search engine in the world

Google Zeitgeist is a brief outline of trends of what people are searching for through Google search engine
The World Wide Web or the internet